How Do You Vibrate to Sound?

Sound is vibration and affects each of us in different ways. The chirruping of the birds to the sound of ocean waves to the drone of traffic have a different vibrational effect on our bodies. Often, we are so busy in our day to notice how our body is vibrating to these sounds. Sometimes when a noise is unpleasant, we shut it out automatically in order to cope - tension. At other times, what seems pleasant to us can be irritating to another. Why do some sounds comfort us and others make us feel grumpy or sad? Why does music affect us so? Certainly it's not only the words being sung that reach through to us.

This evening is a discussion about sounds and their affects on us, as well as a lot of hands on experimenting with different sounds created by a variety of instruments typically used in sound healing.

Our experiments will include different types of singing bowls, shamanic drums, thunder makers, rain sticks, solfeggio tuning forks, shells, didgeridoo and more.

This is a hands on experiential evening so be open to discovery. From here, you can decide if this is something you want to explore more in-depth with a specific instrument and how you can do so.

About Your Facilitator:
Regina is a holistic and wellness practitioner who helps people to find their personal truth and self-power. She helps people to find their inner strength and courage to look at their life and to change if they really want to. She gives both mystical and practical ways to live life with awareness, and also teaches people how to connect with Beings who were once a part of this Earth, who can still help us. The tools and techniques she teaches have been discovered through her own healing and experience, and ones she uses daily in her own life.

Please arrive 5-10 mins early.
Thu Apr 27, 2017
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM SGT
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Sounds of the Sacred Self
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